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Meet The Creators of Affiliate Email Mastery

Damon Greene and Michael Harris have been helping clients achieve their goals with internet marketing for the past 5 years.

In Affiliate Email Mastery, they have developed a proven system to get your subscribers to click on your affiliate links and BUY.

Dear Fellow Affiliate/Email Marketer,

If you have any kind of experience in this industry, then you should already know that traffic is the name of the game.

But of course not just any traffic.

I’m talking about traffic that knows, likes and trusts you and although there are many avenues to take to drive TONS of this kind of traffic, there is one in particular that we all need to master.

 Email Marketing

Here’s a quick scenario for you. . .

You were first told that affiliate marketing through email is the way to go to make the BIG bucks online and with this in mind, you start putting all of your effort into building your list of subscribers.

You build up a nice, sized list and now, you’re ready to start bringing in a profit from your email marketing.

You stumble across an awesome product that you think will convert very well with your list, so you get your affiliate links, send out an email and BOOM!

Now, you’re in business and this is where the money starts to roll in right?

At least, that’s what you’d expect but there’s one, MAJOR problem…

You decide to log into your autoresponder dashboard and look at the stats of the promotional email you just sent out. . .

  • Very little to no opens were recorded. . .
  • Very little to no clicks were recorded. . .

And the most, heart-breaking of all. . .

You decide to log into your affiliate commissions dashboard and couldn’t help but notice that. . .

 Very Little To NO SALES Were Made!!!

What a bummer.

All of your hardwork and effort has gone right down the drain.

Can you relate?   It’s unfortunate that you’ve gone through THIS, much effort up to this point and now, you can’t even put the cherry on top of it all.

Believe me when I say that you’re not alone and sadly enough, this is the obstacle that the majority of marketers face.

Take a look around. . .

We all have lists and we promote products to our lists in order to make an affiliate commission.

Point I’m trying to make is that we ALL are doing the same things but in this industry, it’s not what is being
done. . it’s how and in case you haven’t noticed. . .

 98% of Marketers Are Doing It

Sure, you may have a couple marketers here and there who manage to pull ahead of the rest of the pack but that’s because they chose to differentiate themselves and not follow the herd.

Glad you’ve stuck with me because this is where I come into play to help you with my course Affiliate Email Mastery and now, allow me to elaborate on what’s inside.

  •  How to get your subscribers excited to actually click on your email links and BUY whatever you're promoting.
  • How to create high-converting emails that are PROVEN to get your subscribers to take action.
  • How to properly pre sell any offer to get your audience HUNGRY and on the edge of their seats for its launch.
  • How to create your email campaign based on the sales letter to AMPLIFY your sales and commissions.
  • And much, much more!!

 You Also Get… 

The Affiliate Email Mastery Quick Start Guide
My Affiliate Email Mastery Quick Start Guide will serve the purpose of showing you the exact steps that need to be taken to get up and running, implementing my course and seeing results in the fastest time possible.

The Affiliate Email Mastery Video Guide
With my Affiliate Email Mastery Video Guide, you will be shown, step-by-step, how to benefit from each of your promotions. Many marketers tend to slack in this area and miss out on a ton of money, but with this that will never happen.

Did I Mention That Your Are At

For some, odd reason if you are not 100% happy with Affiliate Email Mastery and all that it has to offer, I will issue you a full refund on your investment within 30 days of your purchase.

However, I do ask that you also provide me with tangible proof that you actually implemented the steps outlined in my course and prove to me that they did not work for you and to be honest, the chances of that happening are slim to none - IF you decide to take action.

Just Listen To What Others Are Saying...

Other Testimonials...

" Your and Damon's course is great and will definitely help me tremendously. I've always been skeptical about buying email marketing courses for the exact same reason you mentioned in the videos. In other words, marketers recommending that we spam our lists or churn and burn them until they buy or unsubscribe.

Thank God yours is different... but in a good way! ;-) "

Keith Gloster

Offline Consultant & Strategist

Street Smart Consultants  


After testimonials like these, I would be very confused if you were still on the fence at this point.

  • No longer will you have to sit and ponder about what emails you’re going to send to your list to promote a particular offer.
  • No longer will you have to be in the same boat as 98% of all the other marketers who just can’t seem to get the breakthrough they need.
  • No longer will you see a big, fat ZERO on your affiliate commissions dashboard.

NOW is the time for you to stop cutting yourself short and reap every benefit that is in store for you and this is exactly the purpose of Affiliate Email Mastery and all that it entails.

I’m not 100% certain as to how long this will be up and actually, I had quite a few people call me crazy and say that I was out of my mind because I’m asking for such a low investment.

This being said, either one of two things will happen:

I will jack the price up by a LARGE margin


This course will be completely removed from the marketplace

As for my last words, I highly suggest that you do not wait on this. . .

Hit The Button Below, RIGHT NOW To Get
100% Access To Affiliate Email Mastery!!!

 To Your Profitable Product Promotions,

P.S. If you have the opportunity to stand out from the masses and to really ramp up your conversions and sales, are you really going to sit there and let it pass you by?   I didn’t think so and again, if there is a time for you to invest in my course, it is NOW!

P.P.S. Please do consider yourself warned. If you leave this page and come back later to the price being ridiculously high or Affiliate Email Mastery no longer available, you are at fault!

But why sit around and wait for this situation to happen - get all in NOW!!!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is There an oto? 

Yes. There are some oto's that compliment this product, but everything you need to create these affiliate cash machines quickly is in this training.

What happens after I purchase?

You will get immediate access to the product inside of warriorplus.

What if I need support?

You will receive our support email address inside your warriorplus account.

Is this difficult to do?

Not at all. I show you step-by-step how to set up your affiliate emails and get people to click on your links so you can make money. After watching this training you'll know exactly what to do.

Is this too technical for me to do?

This program is designed for both new internet marketers and those with experience. Every step is explained through the video training that will leave no doubt about what to do. Once you learn this simple process, you can create as many of these affiliate cash machines as you'd like. Remember, you'll get our email for support and have a 30 day money back guarantee to try everything out.

Will this really help me make money online?

I am 100% positive that you can make this work for you. Once you learn this simple process, you can create these high-converting emails with your affiliate link quickly and have sales this week.

Can I use this for other niches?

Absolutely! Once you learn this process, you can use this system for any niche that you'd like. This method is very flexible and can also be used not only for internet marketing products, but other affiliate products as well.

Where do I purchase?

Just click the "Buy" button and we'll see you on the other side.  Get in now while the price is still low and start setting up your little email cash machines today!


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